Launch of challenge #1

SaltX Technology is arranging a hackathon the 6-8 February 2018, where you will be able to choose between three different challenges. The first of these challenges will be presented at the Norrsken House the 14th of December. Be sure to sign up for beer, snacks and interesting talks/people.

About the SaltX Hack 6-8 of February
SaltX's technology and patents have the power to reduce CO2-emissions by 30 percent from any power source. The SaltX Hack the 6-8 of February aims for exploring new areas of thinkable implementations. The participants of the hack will be encouraged to use the technology and form their own business, under the condition that SaltX is provided with five percent of the future revenue. To apply for the SaltX Hack, click here.

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Find your way to Norrsken House 

Come join for the release of the SaltX Hack challenge #1 at Norrsken House in Stockholm.

Register for launch event